Mission: What We Do

The work that we do is an extremely important part of Jesus’ Way. Jesus teaches us to work for God instead of money (Matthew 6:24). This idea is what we call living by faith, which comes directly from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. (For more in-depth discussion about this important teaching of Jesus, click here.)

We have been freed from the slavery of “trying to make ends meet”, “working for a living”, and the burden of needing to act as the provider for ourselves and our families. God, the Almighty Creator of the universe, is big enough to take care of our needs (and then some!). All we have to do is get busy promoting His Kingdom and trust that He will provide… which He always does (Matthew 6:33)! Instead of working for money to provide for our needs, we choose to work for God and trust in Him to take care of us. God wants to liberate us from worries about how it’s all going to work out so that we can be free to live a life of loving service.

So what do we do with our freedom? We try to help others and show them that they, too, can be free like us. (That includes you!) And what happens if this mission is successful and everyone starts living by faith? Well, then the Kingdom of God will be brought from heaven to earth and we will all help each other as our skills and interests allow! Imagine: doctors healing everyone who has need, teachers educating all peoples, trades-workers sharing their skills for the common good of all mankind… all for FREE! Any vocation you can think of could be used for the benefit of everyone, rather than a means to achieve personal prosperity. That is the world vision which inspires us to get out there and share this message of living by faith Jesus’ Way.

Living by faith/working for God presents unique opportunities to share God’s love with others while we live and show the Way that Jesus taught. We will list a couple of the more common projects we get involved in as part of our loving (FREE!) service to the world. If you would like to see how you can get involved and help out, please contact us.

1. Education

Some of the most important work that we do involves the distribution of educational materials about Jesus’ teachings. We either create our own materials (such as booklets, DVDs, CDs, online videos, etc.) or use materials that others have made which inspire us. Once we have our “seeds” ready for planting, we go to public places where we “scatter” these seeds by starting conversations and offering the materials to people who are interested in learning more about what Jesus actually taught. As part of this work, we travel a lot in order to reach more people from a wide cross-section of the United States and the world.

This work fulfills the Great Commission that Jesus gave to his disciples: “Go and make disciples of all peoples, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you” (Matthew 28:19-20, NLT).

And since this kind of education is such an important part of the work we do as disciples of Jesus, it is also one of our most consistent, ongoing projects. Against the increasing evils of this world, we hope to shine a light of truth and love on the path that stretches out before each individual.

2. Community Service

We offer “free samples” of Jesus’ Way by volunteering our time to help people we meet in our travels. This aspect of our ministry is very flexible as there is need and as we are capable. We’ve been involved in many types of projects such as: home construction, cleaning, gardening, emotional and spiritual support/counseling, overnight security… even tree-sitting!

There are other projects we do as part of our work for God, but these are the two major areas that we focus on. Other projects we have done in the past include political theater, music, and protest art.