Who We Are

The Faith Worker is a small, nomadic, minimalist community of souls who seek to love God and love others more every day.

Our core beliefs and practices come from the radical teachings of Jesus (as opposed to the teachings of modern, institutional Christianity). Reaching back to the revolutionary roots of Jesus and his disciples, we model our own community after this example (Acts 2:44-45 & 4:32-35).

However, insight from other spiritual perspectives also enlighten our individual paths towards the One. We are not spiritual imperialists who think that we must establish a camp around our own bits of truth that we have stumbled across to then wage “war” on all others. We are itinerant wanderers both in spirit and in flesh, and we find that God’s grace knows no borders. In sincerity, we walk towards the mountain top on different paths, though all lead toward the summit of one, perfect Source.