The 600-Mile Hitchhike

The 600-Mile Hitchhike

Hey there! It’s been a couple weeks since we last posted on our blog. Don’t worry! We have a lot of great content coming up that we’re very excited to share with you. If you’ve been following along on our blog, then you’re probably wondering if we’re going to keep writing for our Living Waters Series. Yes, and we’re looking forward to it! The other exciting series we’ll be publishing soon is a travel log of our 642-mile hitchhiking journey that we ventured from April 3rd-8th.

In our travel log, we will describe in detail all the amazing ways that God provided for us through the generosity of others. It was a wonderful, faith-building experience that we are really looking forward to sharing with all of you!

So what were we doing? And why hitchhike? Well, we are inspired by Luke 9 & 10 (and the parallel passages in Matthew) where Jesus sends out the twelve and then the seventy-two, traveling two-by-two.

Similarly to the first Christians, we left the comforts of our home-on-wheels (aka RV) and the normal means by which God provides for our needs in order to test our own faith and allow opportunities for God to provide for us in new ways as He sees fit! This adventure also gives us an opportunity to preach and witness in ways we wouldn’t normally, which is all part of the beautiful freedom and diverse life experiences we enjoy in Christ!

Because we traveled for a longer stint, we brought a few supplies to help us get along. We packed a tent, sleeping bags, a couple changes of clothes, and some snacks. This was definitely more luxurious provision than what Jesus told his disciples to bring when he sent them out! So we didn’t expect that God would be as bountiful in His miraculous provision because we already had all our basic needs covered. But in the end, that didn’t slow down God’s love. He completely spoiled us, and we are so excited to share with you all the details of how He did it!

Our goal was to travel 642 miles, getting rides when we could and walking the rest of the way. (And you’ll see in our travel log that we didn’t have to do much walking!) At our destination, we met up with a brother in Christ and were able to purchase a vehicle for ministry that we then drove back home. Our mission was a complete success!

So stay tuned. There will be lots of great content coming your way very soon!

Love & Prayers,

Luke & Allie

Faith Worker Ministries