Why Follow Jesus?

Our short answer to the title question is this: We should follow Jesus because he’s right.

That’s it. That’s all you really need to know at the end of the day, isn’t it? Out of all the teachers of the spiritual realm–from Moses to Buddha, Bhagavad Gita to Quran, Billy Graham to Richard Dawkins–who is right?

Well, the answer is Jesus. Not the gurus, definitely not the mini- or mega-churches, and no, not even the Bible. Only Jesus has it right.

(There is one caveat to this bold claim: All spiritual perspectives have some degree of truth or “right-ness”, however, let’s not waste our time with lesser teachers and instead sit right at the feet of the one who has the complete truth. That’s Jesus. We can always go back and learn from the others after we’ve got a good grasp of the fuller picture.)

Now, we suppose, you would like to see the evidence that gives us such confidence in Jesus. Challenge accepted.

Rather than get into a long, theological dissertation which ultimately has done little to convince anyone of anything, we’re going to keep things real simple. (You’re welcome!)

The simple yet irrefutable evidence that we have to prove that Jesus is right comes straight out of our own, practical experience. Just within the past half-century, hundreds of eyewitnesses who have practiced the complete teachings of Jesus–even his most radical commands–have experienced the fulfillment of each promise, including the particularly outstanding promise that God will take care of all our needs (even special needs) if we quit our jobs in order to work full-time on building the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33). In other words, this Way of life really works; and even more than that, practicing Jesus’ teachings liberates us from the bondage of mere survival, elevating us to a lifestyle of total freedom and radical love that is unmatched by anything else the $ystem has to offer.

If you’re still not convinced, go ahead and write to us at thefaithworker@gmail.com. There’s a lot more evidence than what we’ve provided here. But if thousands of testimonies from hundreds of eyewitnesses isn’t good enough evidence for you, then we don’t know what is.

Ah, but there is one thing: You can test it out for yourself! You don’t need to burn any bridges with your family or current employment to give Jesus a little trial run during some time-off. If you really give it a fair go (no holding back!), we are absolutely confident that you will witness the amazing provision of God, just like Jesus said.

Becoming a disciple of Jesus–otherwise known as following Jesus–is difficult. He said it would be. Jesus’ Way challenges our comforts, our identities, everything about who we are all the way down to our natural instincts. But he also said that his Way is the only one that leads to life (Matthew 7:14), and we can testify to this promise, too.

Jesus said that his purpose is to give us life, and life more abundantly (John 10:10). Again, we know this to be true from our personal experience of practicing Jesus’ teachings, his Way of life that is abundant beyond our wildest imaginations.

Well, even if you’re still not fully convinced, we hope that you will not totally give up on learning just a little bit more about Jesus’ Way. With promises like the ones we have already listed, aren’t you at least a little bit curious about what this incredible Way of life looks like? Don’t you want to see what Jesus taught for yourself? We hope so.

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