What Is the Guide?

The Guide is designed for people who want to learn more about what it means to become a disciple of Jesus. Unlike modern Christianity, becoming a disciple of Jesus does not involve church attendance, specific doctrines of faith, or any other form of religious affiliation. Becoming a disciple of Jesus simply means practicing the teachings of Jesus. Once you begin to familiarize yourself with what Jesus taught, you will quickly discover just how different this radical Way of life is from modern Christianity.

In fact, it would benefit you greatly if you just forget everything you thought you knew about Jesus and Christianity, since you’ve probably been given a lot of confusing and conflicting misinformation. You will experience the most amount of spiritual growth if you come to this Guide with an open mind, approaching the teachings of Jesus with a blank slate. Allow Jesus to speak to you directly, letting go of any preconceptions you may have about what he wants to say to you. The results will be well worth the effort.

How We Made the Guide

Our Guide is the product of many years of personal and communal experience with following the teachings of Jesus. Far from being perfect disciples ourselves, much of what we have learned that is written about in our Guide came from trial and error. We hope to save you from the same, slow process that we have gone through so that you may experience all the incredible gifts which come with being a disciple of Jesus, minus the frustrations of our human failings!

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