Welcome, Wanderer!

Whatever perspective you come from, we hope to provide a breath of fresh air for those spiritual seekers who may be feeling discouraged by the infuriating apathy, the sickening hypocrisy, the festering greed that plagues our modern world.

We have not given up hope, and our goal is to share this hope with you. There is another Way that will not only transform your life, but will also revolutionize the whole world. A Way based on selfless Love that is so complete, you might even say it’s not of this world!

This website is for those who are not afraid of a challenge, those who want to try out a radical lifestyle of freedom and purpose that cannot be matched and will make a lasting impact on the world. Such a journey requires an open mind, humility, sincerity, and dedication.

Do you think you’re ready? Well, let’s see if you can pass the first test…

This better Way that we have discovered is not of our own making. This Way was actually introduced by none other than …(drum roll, please)… the historical Jesus of Nazareth.

Whatever you currently think or feel about Jesus, we ask that you momentarily suspend your opinions in order to give this Way a fair try. We can assure you that what Jesus taught and what modern Christianity represents are two very different things. And don’t worry, we aren’t going to try to recruit you to join some church, say any prayer, or debate you about the nature/existence of God. In fact, you can even go on drinking, smoking, and cussing if you like! That’s not what’s important. What is important is that we find some real solutions to the real problems of our lives, of our world. Like it or not, Jesus has the answers.

We’re not talking about a new religion or a new way to “do church”. We’re talking about a personal lifestyle of total freedom and radical love that–when enough of us get the ball rolling–will overturn the whole $ystem.

Even if you decide in the end that you’re not interested in living this Way, aren’t you at least a little curious to see what it’s all about? After all, you’re just as desperate as we are to find true purpose and meaning in this crazy world, right?

Whether you are ready to embark on this journey or you just want to learn more about this transformative Way of life we have briefly described, we invite you to check out the Guide that we have created in order to help those who, like us, are no longer satisfied with the status quo.

Happy seeking!